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Hungry? Why Wait?

Posted by David Barber on

There was an old commercial by a certain brand representing a certain candy bar that has been a staple for chocolate lovers for years. I bet you can finish the line: “Hungry? Why wait? Grab a ___________!” This was just one phrase from a highly successful relaunch of one of our...

Spider Hunter

Posted by Brooks Wachs on

In my last blog I talked about how I had a goal for 2018 to read a book a week. Well we are just over a month into the new year and at this moment I am 10 books in. Yes I know what you are thinking that is way over the goal I had set, but honestly so many of the books I have chosen to read have...

War & Peace

Posted by Dusty Cookson on

In 1938, France simply desired to live in peace, so when their neighbor from the northeast (Germany), was preparing for war, France ignored the immediate threat. Ultimately, the desire for peace did not bring peace. Germany overtook possession of France in short order. Just because we are...