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Conversations Worth Having

Posted by Dusty Cookson on

Ever just spaced out before? I mean absolutely, gone to the world, kind of spaced out? Me neither… But if I’m being honest, I have and I do more frequently than I’d like to admit. It happened again the other day. As I came to I realized I was zoned in on my favorite coffee cup...

One Voice

Posted by Susan Ridgway on

In Revelation 19:6 John describes worship like the "sound of a vast crowd or the roar of a mighty ocean waves or the crash of loud thunder."  The sound was the voices of the redeemed worshipping God.  They were shouting "Praise the Lord!  For the Lord our God, the Almighty...

Movements Not Moments

Posted by David Barber on

Have you ever heard the term “Baby Boomer?” It describes the generation born just after World War II. They’re known for having an incredibly hard work ethic… and lots of babies. Or “Generation X?” Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s, this...