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Just Keep Going!

Posted by Susan Ridgway on

I am a runner. Not a fast runner by any means. Not even a very good runner when you consider form or skill level. Basically, I just keep going. That is my gift. God has given me the gift of perseverance. (some might call it stubbornness)   This morning as I was running, I was praying. That...

Summer Priorities

Posted by Richard Crockett on

I love to look forward to summer! Probably because it is warmer, which allows me to do many more things…from just being outside, special projects at home, taking summer vacation, baseball games, heading to the lake to fish, or get in a little time on the jet ski. The list builds quickly...

Getting Started with the Basics

Posted by Brooks Wachs on

It is time for some Basic Training. The term “Basic Training” comes from the training cycle the military goes through to develop the skills needed to be ready to carry out the tasks that will be put in front of them. The training of the skills needed, is exactly what each of us needs...