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Encourage One Another...with Testimonies

Posted by Richard Crockett on

We have just started a great sermon series based upon powerful testimonies from everyday people within our family or church. Why do we love to hear, watch or read a good testimony? I think that it is something God has placed within us, and we can see that within the Bible. As Paul writes in...

It's Not My Battle

Posted by Susan Ridgway on

We are just one month away from our 2018 Children's Dessert Theater presentation!  This will be our 11th year of worshiping and learning God's Word together.  The message of this year's musical is very powerful.  Our children are learning that Jesus is our "Kingdom Connection"...


Posted by Dusty Cookson on

Maybe you’ve been there before, feeling hopeless. Maybe you’re there now. You find yourself trying to escape the messes you seem to keep making for yourself. Or, you just simply want your voice to be heard. Elijah can relate. He is on the run and there’s been a (biblical- time)...

Faithful Doubt

Posted by Montie Klecker on

I use to have this idea that my faith wasn’t real until I could get rid of my doubt. Among the many problems with this idea, the biggest was that I thought doubt was counter-productive to faith. You see, when I hide my doubts, I’m putting a fake face forward pretending that...