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Baptized Into Christ and For The World

Posted by David Barber on

This morning I find myself a little under the weather. With 6 kids in your home there's 6 times as much of an opportunity to "catch" something. It's amazing how contagious common colds can be. The pharmaceutical business makes big money on providing drugs that treat symptoms or attempt to protect us from becoming infected.

Hand sanitizer, vitamin C, decongestants, cough suppressants, and antihistamines were all created because we can't escape the germs that are inside other people. However, as I'm sitting here sick thinking of the spread of the common cold and other ailments that is wreaking havoc in our home and schools I can't help but think of the early church and the persecuted church that are spread like wildfire.

Watch this video from Saturate on our baptismal identity and pay close attention to a very specific quote. "Whatever God does to us, He also intends to do through us." And think about whether or not the Gospel strain you carry is infectious:

Baptismal Identity


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