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Baptized Into Christ and For The World

Posted by David Barber on

This morning I find myself a little under the weather. With 6 kids in your home there's 6 times as much of an opportunity to "catch" something. It's amazing how contagious common colds can be. The pharmaceutical business makes big money on providing drugs that treat symptoms or attempt to...

Become a Disciple Who Makes Disciples

Posted by Richard Crockett on

Six Steps To Become A Disciple Who Make Disciples The scriptures are filled with calls to discipleship. Jesus called the twelve who accompanied Him “disciples.” The word itself is derived from another word—“discipline.” Jesus’ call to discipleship is an...

Hungry? Why Wait?

Posted by David Barber on

There was an old commercial by a certain brand representing a certain candy bar that has been a staple for chocolate lovers for years. I bet you can finish the line: “Hungry? Why wait? Grab a ___________!” This was just one phrase from a highly successful relaunch of one of our...

Daily Disciple Decisions

Posted by Richard Crockett on

Daily Disciple Decisions As we each strive to become disciples of Jesus, we must always choose to make the best choices every day.  Each day there are some areas that are easy, and others that take more work, but if we can focus on the proper things, God can do amazing things in our...