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Summer Priorities

Posted by Richard Crockett on

I love to look forward to summer! Probably because it is warmer, which allows me to do many more things…from just being outside, special projects at home, taking summer vacation, baseball games, heading to the lake to fish, or get in a little time on the jet ski. The list builds quickly...

Movements Not Moments

Posted by David Barber on

Have you ever heard the term “Baby Boomer?” It describes the generation born just after World War II. They’re known for having an incredibly hard work ethic… and lots of babies. Or “Generation X?” Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s, this...

Mary Magdalene in the Bible

Posted by Richard Crockett on

  Remember the childhood story of the Little Red Hen? No one wanted to help plant, harvest, ground, or bake the bread; yet everyone wanted to help her eat it! So it is with those precious servants of Jesus Christ. They’re the first ones at the church and the last ones to leave, they...