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Encourage One Another...with Testimonies

Posted by Richard Crockett on

We have just started a great sermon series based upon powerful testimonies from everyday people within our family or church. Why do we love to hear, watch or read a good testimony? I think that it is something God has placed within us, and we can see that within the Bible.

As Paul writes in Romans 1:12, “When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours.” Paul writes that he wanted to get back to Rome many times, but had been prevented from doing so…but that just made his desire to spend time with other Christians growing in their faith even greater.

We always love to hear of great accomplishments that have been done in our lives with God directing our paths. They help inspire us, challenge us to continue to push forward, and always help us see that God is continually working not only in our lives, but the lives of others. It is great to experience stories of faith with brothers and sisters in Christ.

With all the “media” that makes us social media, I’ve always been concerned that we might lose interest in the good stories of the faith.   Maybe we have just seen one too many videos about God helping someone out in a difficult moment?   Maybe that last podcast pushed me away from seeing God actively working in the every day? But no matter how many testimonies I see, hear, read, etc., I always enjoy them. Seeing God working in people’s lives is amazing.

And when we see God working in the lives of people who we actually know, it adds another layer of excitement to it. Especially when you get to spend a little time with that person, and really see the effects in their life. That is why I enjoy Life Groups each week. I get to see the small testimonies of people’s lives…that day by day growth that comes from an accountable life with God and others.

I hope that you will make every effort to be here the next three weeks as we listen to 6 more testimonies that will inspire you to keep moving forward with your faith. But even more, I would love to encourage you to pray about joining a Life Group so that you can see a week by week testimony in the lives of the people around you on Sunday.


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