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Going for the Goal

Posted by Brooks Wachs on

The school year has just started…for many people this means a change of pace, new routines, brand new challenges, and all kinds of new obstacles to take on. Honestly the start of the school year is always an exciting time. During this time of change in our lives we can take advantage of something amazing. You see, I believe that when something new comes into your life it gives you the opportunity to set new goals. Goals are something we all set at times, but how do we achieve them? Today in my blog I want to give you some tips that have made not only achieving my goals possible for me, but made the journey something that has allowed me to grow stronger in my faith.

Tip #1…Choose your goal

We set goals for all kinds of things. The first step to doing this, is to find something you are passionate about and set a goal for that. These goals are usually easier to achieve because you are passionate about it. If you want a tougher goal to achieve, choose something you know you need to work on. This is typically something you need improvement in or have never tried, which can be a bit more challenging, but if you push yourself you can do it! You might be wondering what this has to do with our faith. That brings me to my second tip.

Tip #2…How can this goal allow me to grow in my faith?

In my opinion, if you truly want to achieve your goals, you need to ask yourself how that goal will help grow and strengthen your relationship with God. This year I set two goals for myself. They were to read 52 books in 2018 and to run 1000 miles in 2018. These two goals easily could have had nothing to do with my faith, but I made sure to look at what they could do for my faith. The books I chose to read were mostly books that have challenged me in my walk with God. In the miles of running I chose to make it a priority that it was never about the miles, the race, or the prize, but rather it was about me spending time every day with God as I put in those miles on the road. How can your goal focus on God?

Tip #3…Set a plan and stick to it

If you want to succeed with any goal you must set a plan and then stick to it. Without a plan you will fail at trying to achieve your goal. Always know your plans can be adapted to fit what you are doing. Choose what works for you and then stick to it.

Tip #4…Keep track of where you are

Track your process as you go through your plan. Are you on track? Are you behind? Keeping track will help motivate you to not give up. Keeping track will help you understand where you are falling behind. Keeping track will allow you to know what you can improve on.

Tip #5…If you achieve the goal early, don’t stop, expand on that goal

Sometimes the goals we set are too small, or we achieve the goal faster then we thought we would. This year, I have completed one of my goals early and I’m track to it achieve my other goal faster then I thought I would. When that happens it doesn’t mean stop, it means it is to expand that goal. For me this meant saying 52 books was great but to continue on to read 80 books in 2018. Keep going. That goal might become a lifestyle for you. When your goal is focused on growing you in your faith, keeping it going is always a good thing.

Tip #6…Don’t go on the journey alone

This is last tip I have for you. Don’t go on the journey alone. We are designed to go through life together. Set the goal with someone. Ask someone to hold you accountable. Go through it together. If your goal again is focused on God then it will allow both of you to grow in your faith.

Setting goals isn’t easy. Achieving them is often hard. The thing is, that when our goals can help us grow in our faith in God they can change our lives forever. It is time for you to set your goals and go achieve them. Remember though to give all the glory to God.


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