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Hungry? Why Wait?

Posted by David Barber on

There was an old commercial by a certain brand representing a certain candy bar that has been a staple for chocolate lovers for years. I bet you can finish the line: “Hungry? Why wait? Grab a ___________!” This was just one phrase from a highly successful relaunch of one of our favorite candy bars. Some of these commercials are my absolute favorite.

Like this one: 

2015 Super Bowl Add

Have you heard of the term “hangry?” The term was created to give a title to the feeling and mood change that a person experiences when they are hungry. It’s a very real thing. All you have to do is come to my home close to supper time and you can see it multiplied times 6. There’s sadness, anger, anxiety and discontent bubbling under the surface the 45 minutes until mealtime! 

This is true not just when we are “hangry” though. It’s amazing how when something isn’t quite right inside of us how it changes our mood, personality, and puts us into a state of anxious discontent. There are many things that cause this: 

Stressful situations at work.

Relational issues at home.

Parents and children constantly at odds.

Secret and unconfessed sins.

Judgmental thoughts.

Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

Loss of someone you loved.


Life is messy and complicated and I’m certain we all can relate to any of those issues now or at some point in our past or future lives. That’s ok, you’re not alone. EVERYONE has issues. “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us,” (1 John 1:8). 

One thing that consistently helps me in my time of internal discontent is this simple verse here. “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light,” (Matthew 11:30). This verse helps remind me that it’s not supposed to be that way. I repeat, IT WILL HAPPEN, and when it does there is much love and grace in our weakness and Jesus can handle it, however that’s exactly the point: Jesus CAN handle it. 

That’s easy to forget isn’t it? I challenge you to commit the verse to memory. It’s only ten words. However, it’s ten words that can help us reorient our day when it starts to go off track. We forget that it’s Jesus’ job to carry our loads and we need to allow Him to fill us with hope and joy knowing what Paul knew when we wrote: “Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later,” (Romans 8:18). Sometimes discontent is holy and meant to remind us this is not how things are supposed to be and it drives us to contentment in the only one who gives us peace- Jesus, the Prince of Peace. 

However, if we’re honest, the majority of our discontent comes from a place that isn’t holy or good. It comes from us not keeping things in their proper place, looking at our lives with fear that we’ve failed, or comparing ourselves to others' without realizing they are hiding their mess just like you. Give that to Jesus. If there is one thing I have learned it’s this: When I don’t talk to Him and let Him have all of my mess to do with as He pleases is when I’m at my worst. Memorize the verse, talk to Him in detail, and walk with Him knowing He’s got this. Hungry for Jesus? Why wait?


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