Next Step

Next Step

Many times when change happens in your life, instead of being overwhelmed by all of the steps we need to navigate, we just need to always look for the next simple step.  

This is true if you desire to change something in your life, whether it means starting something new, working to improve a specific area, changing direction in your life, or just searching for a path.  Perhaps you are dealing with changes you have no control over, and just need help and encouragement finding that next small step to take.

We desire to help you begin that process, or continue toward your next step, whether you are new in town, or have been a faithful attender for many years.  

We have given some of the opportunities that we find are great next steps for many people to take on our websites under the heading of Next Steps.  You can asses where you are at, and find a great starting point for your journey...but make sure you are being honest about where you are, and don't just jump to one that is easiest for you.  

Our prayer is after you have taken some of the next steps, you can then begin to look back and see how your life is growing and changing, with the help of God and others.

We are always willing to help anyone with guidance to help them find their next step, and encourage them along the way.  If you need to get some guidance and/or encouragement with any Next Step, feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to meet with you.