How to Start Reading the Bible


There are a lot of great places start reading the Bible, and you can really start about anywhere...but here is a list of places we encourage people to start...

Luke 1 - read about Jesus' birth to his ascension to heaven.

John 1 - read through story of Jesus' time as told by John.

Genesis 1 - read about Creation and the Father's of the Faith

1 John - A great guide to understanding our relationship with God.

Romans - Paul writes about some of the beliefs and how to live them out for believers.

Galatians - an encouragement to pursue a life with God, and avoid selfishness



1.  Prepare yourself by praying for God to speak to you.

-make sure you allow God to speak to you, not the other way around.

2.  Get your scripture.

- Stories work well, but snippets from the epistles work equally as well.

3. Read the passage on your own or with a group.

-Try not to fly through the verses, particularly if the passage is familiar to you. -Remember to read intentionally and with expectancy.

4. Can you summarize the passage in your own words?

-What happened in this passage? -(Hint: Don't explain what it means, just summarize the events or the message.)

5. What does this passage teach about God?

-These insights can be simple statements, pulled directly from the passage.

-They can also be big-picture observations, putting what your chosen passage says about God in context with the bigger story of Scripture.

6. What does this passage teach about me (or mankind)?

-These observations can be pulled directly from the passage…

-or they can include broader observations.

7. What will you do (or think) differently this week as a result?

-What was the most significant insight you gained through this passage?

-How do your observations affect how you see God? Yourself?

-In what ways do they impact how you respond to Him?

8. Who will you tell what you learned?

-Sometimes what God is teaching you through Scripture can also be significant for those around you. Continue the discussion with others.


Bible Verses that Speaks His Desire for Us

-Romans 8:28,29      

-God confirms you into His desire for relationship.

-Matthew 28:20        

-God is always with you.

-James 1:5                

-God gives us wisdom.

-Philippians 4:19     

-God supplies our needs.

-Matthew 6:32          

-God knows your needs.

-Philippians 4:4-7  

-God gives us His peace.