Next Step: Bible Study

The next step on your spiritual journey is to begin to get to know God and who He is.  Once we share our heart with God in prayer, we have to get to know Him.  We find out who God is within the stories and passages of the Bible.  

A good way to think about our time spent in the Bible, is just like spending time with a good friend.  As you walk along, you would share things with your friend, and they would share with you.  In our relationship with God, we have the same opportunity to learn about what God thinks, feels, and the stories about Him within the pages of our Bible.  The more we read, the more we will learn about every aspect of his character and passion.

We would also encourage you to find someone who you can read with, or talk with about what you are reading.  You can just share what you've learned, or ask a question, or just build a friendship with them.  

We can find some helps to get you started HERE.